Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Enriched Air Nitrox, also known as nitrox or EANx, contains less nitrogen than regular air. Breathing less nitrogen means you can enjoy longer dives and shorter surface intervals.

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We also schedule this course on demand. If you do not see a scheduled course that meets your needs, please contact us, and we will schedule a course specific to your needs.

You’ll learn why diving with air that has a higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content gives you more bottom time, along with enriched air equipment considerations.

During a practical session, you will:

  • Discuss managing oxygen exposure.
  • Learn to use an Oxygen Analyzer and practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank.
  • Learn to set your dive computer to dive with nitrox.

Our price includes:

    • Academic Material – PADI Enriched Air eLearning
    • Practical Training Session